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Watch out, Lyon!

Aniston here! I plan on doing a weekly post on mom’s blog since she tends to be a bit boring with all of her relationship/photography/spiritual talk…so stay tuned!  SOOO, there are a few exciting things going on in the Acs household and in Lyon that I wanted to tell everyone about!

I didn’t get kicked out of school this week!! And boy, did I TRY.  It was a tough one. I decided that taking naps is for the birds and I’m just not really into bird stuff. Mom said that all the kids have to lay down, but I don’t really like to go along with the crowd (which gets on society’s nerves apparently). Whateves. So I basically decided to make my opinions known to the entire second district of Lyon. That’s right folks, I have a set of lungs that can out dive any olympic swimmer.  I mean, I had the entire SCHOOL talking! Mom was SUPER excited about that.

It’s vacation! In France, schools have a two week break every six weeks! It’s pretty cool if you ask me…but not if you ask mom. By some stroke of luck (or the universe just royally screwing with her), mom always seems to have to manage these two week “vacations” ALL on her own, while dad is off flying his fancy airplanes around the world.  Mom isn’t the “praying” type, but I’ve seen her close her eyes and mumble stuff under her breath today. I wonder what she’s saying!?

Mom is going to the good ole’ US of A, A.L.O.N.E., for nine WHOLE days.  I’m pretty sure we are going to call her every 10 minutes just to make sure she knows how much we miss her.  I also have a feeling her phone may mysteriously stop working while she’s there!

Mom is working her butt off writing (her soul’s life force), if you can’t tell. She also got a paid gig writing photography tutorials! This means that she now can buy even MORE macarons without having to tell dad.  She’s pretty upbeat about it. You can read them HERE, and HERE.  Don’t be surprised if you see YOUR picture in them.

It’s officially fall here in Lyon! Also, this is Brooklyn’s reaction to mom when she asked, “So, Pompom, are you ready for a nap?” Lyon France

So basically, we are both cute, and deadly! Watch out, Lyon, we’re staying awhile.

LyonCatch ya’ll next week!

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