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A week in Monte Carlo

Aniston here…

So the rents decided to take us to Monte Carlo for a week, which seemed slightly out of our price range considering they denied my request for a barbie jeep due to financial difficulty. Turns out, they are full of it most of the time. We ended up using apu’s hotel points for the entire week, which basically bumped his platinum status back to titanium status. Mom didn’t seem to care, as she cited the many times apu was in Hawaii while we battled an array of illness. She wasn’t feeling too sympathetic when she booked the room.

Also, mom didn’t even tell my teacher I was going to be gone for the week (thanks to their poor planning), so I’m sure that will go over well on Monday.  Mom ALSO subsequently blew off the parent-teacher conference.  She’s not earning many points with Madame. Side note, my teacher actually has a tattoo on her shoulder (thank you summer tank tops), so mom was feeling slightly less judged…until now.

Ok, back to business…

Anyway, it was AWESOME. We played at the beach, went to the aquarium for like 15 minutes (which cost apu like 30€), saw a REAL princess castle, talked to a friendly seagull who wanted to eat my sausage toes, ate ice cream for breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and dinner, and drank mom’s virgin mojito (NO SHE’S NOT PREGNANT!!!!), which it turns out I like very much. I decided I want to live there. Mom looked into the possibility, but quickly nixed the idea when she noticed that you have to open a bank account there with minimum of 500,000€. Looks like she’ll have to do a few more photo sessions to afford that prospect. I’m not holding my breath.

So yea, if you’re ever feeling fancy, head down to the Cote d’Azur. It’s the San Diego of Europe, but a tad classier…and with a *few more Lamborghinis (one of which I proceeded to damage with a ball I threw off our second floor balcony). Mom and apu were NOT impressed.


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