-The first night I met my husband, I witnessed him do a sommersault on the dancefloor (completely sober, mind you)...and I literally said, "Oh my God, I'd be so embarassed to be his girlfriend." 

-I thought having kids meant I would automatically know how to cook. This is false.   

-My two toddlers are SICK of my camera, which is essentially why I had to start a photography business. 

-I hide in the bathroom regularly with my reheated coffee.

-My 94 year-old grandma is my best friend, and we are CONSTANTLY laughing. You can read more about her HERE.

-I listen to like five audiobooks a month! Much easier/faster when you have two babies.

-My life currently revolves around cleaning, cutting up fruits/veggies, laundry, and frantically searching the house for ballet shoes.  

-I could eat 15 macarons a day, but I usually only eat about 10.

-I'm obsessed with everything colorful (if you can't tell) and everything French.

Photo Credit : Meghan Kelly Images

A little more…

Hi! I'm Kelly Acs (rhymes with hatch), and I am San Diego, California native with a French soul. I met my Hungarian prince charming in 2006, and finally gave in to marrying him and moved to Budapest in 2013. We have two hysterically funny girls and I forced them to move to the FOOD CAPITAL of the world! SCORE! Seriously, guys, I'm living my DREAM, and I am SO grateful.  Add photography, audiobooks, macarons, and I just about have to pinch myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

My goal in photography (and in life) is to spread love to everyone and everything! There is SO much more good in the world, than bad, and I want you to remember THAT in your photos.  

Je parle aussi un peu francais, alors ne soyez pas timide d'ecrire! -Kelly


"They were truly the best photos taken of us, and also reflected the beauty of our adopted city.  We couldn't have been happier and will treasure those pictures forever." -Emily, USA

"What I remember most from the afternoon was not of a photographer trying to pose/organize us with a camera in our face, but more a memorable, pleasant afternoon spent walking around Lyon as a family-with an extra friend in tow." -Justin, Australia

"I will thrilled with the pictures, and even happier to know that my daughter had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about how kind Kelly was, and how much fun she had getting her picture taken." -Rachel, USA

"Kelly is an amazing photographer! She is very professional and will effortlessly guide you through a photoshoot, so that it will almost seem like you've been modeling for years!" -Tina, Denmark

"It's not easy having someone take photos of just you and having to pose, but Kelly has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed." - Rebecca, New Zealand

Meet Kelly