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Abstract Art in Lyon, France

I really don’t understand how I could get so freakin lucky when I moved here! We randomly chose the BEST area, found a great school, and to top it off, found life long friends from ALL over the world. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than this, friends. If you want to find cool art in Lyon, just stop right here.

Tina is a ridiculously talented human. She paints, sings AND is writing a book. Basically, you feel like you’ll never keep up with her creative genius, but it’s fine, because she’s so fun to hang out with. If you want to hear the truth, talk to Mama Tina. She is going to give it to you straight!

Here is her website!

Kelly Acs Photography
Abstract Art Lyon, France
Art Lyon
Kelly Acs Family Photography

These are just a few of her other pieces that are being used as an album cover! Cool, right?

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