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Ballet Life in Lyon

Aniston here…I like to make occasional appearances when mom’s blog starts to get a little boring.

So we took a trip to the 1st district yesterday! This is a BIG deal because we never, EVER, leave the 10 square blocks that is the 2nd. Anyway, mom and apu took their skateboards (because they think they’re 15 again), and we cruised down to get some ballet gear. When I walked in, it was like being at Disneyland, but much classier and a tad cheaper (but JUST a tad). The nice ladies let me try on some new outfits and I literally was so happy that I was speechless.

Pompom got an outfit too, but she’s not taking the actual class because she’s too small. But that didn’t prevent her from spending 90€!!!

We got home and danced out little hearts out to the Beauty and the Beast and the famous Aladdin soundtrack. It was probably the best day of my life.


Oh, and mom snapped a cool picture of apu with Mama Tina’s art in the background. She’s GOOD. I asked her to paint me a ballerina but no luck so far.

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