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Bienvenue a Biarritz

Aniston here again…

So the rents thought it would be a great idea to drive NINE HOURS down to the coast of France to a place called Biarritz. NINE. That’s basically a leg from London to San Diego…with two toddlers STRAPPED into their car seats. We essentially DID end up in San Diego, only to find out that the fish tacos were slightly subpar…and surfboards were about 3x more expensive. I’m pretty sure whoever opened the “California Kitchen” was from Northern California. It was close enough, so mom and apu were pretty stoked.

A few highlights of the trip…

-Mom got attacked by a huge wave that swallowed her lens cap, ruined her new fancy French loafers and short circuited her phone.
-Apu and mom bought ANOTHER skateboard that is more like a surfboard, since an actual surfboard was a little out of the budget. No one ended up in the ER, but I did run Pompom over doing a trick, leaving her with a noteworthy bruise. Oops.
-I decided I didn’t want to climb to the top of the lighthouse after we paid 7€, and waited almost 35 minutes. Mom and Pompom DID get to the top, where Pompom announced that she wanted to fly. Mom had a few heart palpitations and started to sweat.
-We ate mussels and oysters.

SOOOO…it turns out that the world really isn’t that different…and it REALLY is more about the people you’re with. Two days was totally worth it. And we were pretty good in the car honestly…

Now mom is packing for San Diego (and real tacos)! Good riddins, ma!
Coast of Biarritz
Biarritz Skate

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