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Enchanted Birthday Party, Lyon, France

So, hi, I’m Aniston, and I’ll be writing my mom’s blog from now on. I’m four, and I’m far more sophisticated, so I’ll be taking over. Nice to meet you. A few fun facts…I love horses, Disney movies, chocolate and PINK.

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This weekend I was invited to an enchanted birthday party, complete with a TIPI (or is it teepee). I’m four, I can’t spell. Anyway, it was SO cool, and mom was pretty thrilled too, since she got to leave me there for three whole hours and grab frozen yogurt with only one toddler instead of the usual two.  I ate cake, ran around the tipi a million times, and screamed my little heart out until I passed out on the couch at 6:30pm. Life is pretty darn fun these days!

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