It’s completely amazing how fast the years fly by. When people say that time is fleeting, you completely understand when you have children of your own. Your world gets flipped upside down and all you want is for it to last forever. From newborn photos to giggly kids, through high school portraits, I love to capture genuine moments. Some of my favorite work is photographing kids. My style is always true to the person being photographed because that is what I would want. I want to photograph your kids BEING THEMSELVES, which is what as parents we want to live on forever (maybe minus 13-19).  My goal is to capture love, and fun, and YOUR life.

Le Parc de la Tete d’Or, other historical sites and Vieux Lyon are the best venues. This is another fun way to laugh or have fun as a family.  Photo sessions don’t have to be really formal or posed…in fact, I’m sort of allergic to all of that. We can climb a fence (I break a few rules sometimes) or find a cool traboule and let the kids explore. The last thing family photography needs to be is stressful. I’m a mom, so I get it. It is my job to make this fun…even dad will get a laugh or two and I’ll capture it to show all of the family and friends on Facebook. Trust me! Anything that puts a smile on a child’s face is bound to be exciting.