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Headshot Photography Lyon, France

Professional headshots are really necessary these days (especially for LinkdIn and other social media platforms), and the backdrop provided by Vieux Lyon is just too good to ignore.  The quaint streets, funky doors and endless stairs make for dynamic photos that break the mold of boring headshot photography.  I could live here forever (which is the plan for right now).  Between the people I meet, croissants and French charm, I feel like I’m living in a real life fairytale!

I met Tina on the school playground when I mistakenly assumed she was American (which is actually really funny considering I’ve never met an American with a Danish accent ). I had noticed her for about two weeks, and was pretty intimidated because she just seemed really cool (and I’m really uncool…flashback to high school all over again). We became fast friends, and without her, I’d laugh a LOT less. She’s badass, pee-in-your-pants FUNNY, blunt, the NICEST person in the world (seriously, she left us snacks AND BEER after our 24-hour trip back from San Diego), she’s the COOLEST mom, and an artist, writer, and annoyingly talented. Yea, one of THOSE people.

Vieux Lyon never fails to disappoint!

Contact me for professional headshots…and I PROMISE to make you look as cool as Tina…even if just for a day.

Pricing:  120€ for 15 High Resolution Digitals or 180€ for 35 High Resolution Digitals. (Low resolution digitals also included for social media posting.)



Cafes are some of the best places to find cool lighting and LOTS of attention. You can’t be shy!

Is anyone else jealous of her??

My favorite part of the tiny little streets in Lyon are the cool things you’ll find if you look hard enough!
Vieux Lyon, France

How the heck do I get to live here??!
Headshot Photography Vieux Lyon, France
Vieux Lyon

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