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How did you end up here?


I get that question a lot…well, after the obvious question of “did you vote for Donald Trump?” No, I did not…I know you were wondering too.

We ended up in Lyon after I decided it was time for a change. I always knew that the place really doesn’t matter, and that happiness resides in the self, but I needed something else. Budapest was cool, but my soul just didn’t feel at home there. We took a family trip to Lyon after I had a chance encounter with a random vegan cafe owner, and the rest is history. Little does she know how much meeting her changed our lives. The one thing I ALWAYS listen to is my intuition. Always. Most of the time I have no idea where it will take me, and I often argue with it, but I always pay attention.

A few months before choosing Lyon, my inlaws were pushing us to move to Vienna. A nice town, no doubt. We looked at apartments, and I would have been ok with living there, but something kept telling me to wait (and I’m the MOST impatient person on the planet). I HAD to go to France because that’s what my gut was telling me to do. I think I talked myself in and out of the idea about 840 times. And now we’re here…and I am so glad I listened despite it not being the popular choice.

Wine, cheese, a French colored woven baby wrap, fresh basil?! Did I just die and go to France??!

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