How to Prepare for Your Session

How to Prep the Kids…

  • Try and make sure they are well rested.
  • Make sure they are fed.
  • Tell them about what we’ll be doing and make it sound really exciting!
  • Consider bribery or a treat afterwards (don’t jude me…haha)!
  • Let them be little (or not so little).  Know that I will capture them being them. Don’t worry about it.

How to Prep Dad…

  • Make sure he’s well rested and fed! Ha.
  • Let him know he’ll just be hanging out with his family! No fake posing or forced smiles.
  • Tell him you’re grateful for his participation! (A little goes a long way!)

How to Prep Yourself…

  • Make enough time to prepare, on the day of your session.  I don’t want you to feel rushed or stressed.
  • Let go of your need to be perfect. You are beautifully, perfectly YOU.
  • Don’t worry about your kids giving me their best. I’m there to coax it out of them! I work hard for my laughs!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!