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Headshot Photography in Lyon

Headshot photography in Lyon is kinda my new jam! I’m starting to get a ton of feedback and people are loving the colorful urban look, as opposed to the typical studio shots.  My calendar is filling up really quickly, which is both exciting and really scary! Is this really a thing?? I will say this, I spend every extra moment learning and trying to improve, and it’s starting to pay off after YEARS of practice.   I never thought I’d find my “thing,” so it’s really cool. I think Peter thinks so too. When I take pictures, I’m MUCH more calm. 🙂

So on to a more interesting note…

The minute Shannon wrote me about a headshot session, I was instantly excited. She’s a fellow mama and fellow American, trying to navigate the French system too (which can often be a *tad difficult). I always tend to have a diverse friend base, so when I meet a fellow patriot (or expatriate) I get a little spark in my soul. Shannon is just cool (and apparently she’s a gourmet chef). She’s laid back, really funny, and just overall makes you feel at ease because you know she’s not judging you! Finding people abroad that you connect with can be difficult, so those easy relationships are just SO nice to find. We have a ton of mutual friends, so I have a feeling that we’ll be hanging out soon. Also, she’s SUPER photogenic, so that helps! Headshot photography is my new favorite type of session, I think!

If you’re interested in booking a headshot session in Lyon, contact me here!

Headshot Photography Lyon
Headshot Photography Lyon, France
Vieux Lyon Headshots
Vieux Lyon Saint-Jean

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