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Meet Kennedy

A day with Kennedy.

When I first arrived in Lyon, I wasn’t sure how the heck I was going to start my business (again). Yay, expat life! I threw out a quick post on Facebook offering two sessions for a discounted price…and I was contacted by the SWEETEST mom.  I met her daughter, Kennedy, in Vieux Lyon, and I was really nervous since I had never actually spoken to her.  Did she even want to be there? Or did her mom force her into the session with promises of diamonds and travel?  When she walked up, I just KNEW she was a gem. Intelligent, mature, witty, and a ballerina…um, basically, I wanted to be her.  Seriously, she had a light to her I couldn’t explain! At the end of the session with her, I was a better person. Strange, right?  Here are just a few images from our super fun, genuine session…



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