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Organ Pavilion San Diego, California

Being home is always good for my soul. I don’t really know how to describe how much I love what I do. Meeting families that are so in love and carefree seriously make my entire being radiate happiness. It sounds SO cheesy, but it’s really how I feel. THIS is what the world REALLY reflects. I’m so tired of seeing all this stuff on TV (which is why I don’t watch it anymore), that tries to make us believe that everything is going in a downward spiral. That’s not what I see. I see love EVERYWHERE, and in everything. This day reminded me of that love.

Walking down the same streets I did as a three year old with my sweet grandma, walking through the Organ Pavilion and “The Houses of Harmony,” which really capture what it’s supposed to be about…everyone from every culture existing together. It’s just a COOL place where you can feel the energy of acceptance and love.

The Butcher family was all of these things, but mostly just FUN.


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