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Passerelle Saint-George, Lyon, France

When I first googled Lyon, France the very first photo I found was of Passerelle Saint-George. In fact, I had an artist on Etsy make a photography logo (which has since been retired), with the bridge and the Eglise Saint-George as the focus. THIS IS BEFORE WE MOVED. I just thought it was so…pretty!

Little did I know I’d soon discover this bridge in person because we moved TO THE SAME STREET!!! Fate, maybe??! I literally get to cross this bridge once a day…while eating a baguette and pretending I’m French.  When these six friends contacted me to take picture and mentioned Passerelle Saint-George, I died of happiness. (This happens once or twice a day on average, so I must be a cat.)

You can tell these women have a blast together, something every expat needs while abroad. It can be a really lonely experience if you don’t find yourself a few great friends and confidants. Unfortunately, one of the wolf pack is moving back to NYC, which is both sad and exciting. It was a great reason to get some photos taken to remember this time in Lyon, and I’m always happy to oblige. There’s nothing better than capturing moments that people can look back on and say, “damn, that was a really great time in my life.”

Passerelle Saint-George

Sunset sessions are by far my favorite! My goal is to get the sun at the perfect angle to add that extra flair.  And sometimes I miss it by like 30 seconds and have to add it in Photoshop. It was there, I promise!

Passerelle Saint-George Lyon

When I told the girls I needed them to look at each other and laugh, they all looked at me like I was totally nuts! After a few attempts, I got this shot, which ended up being my favorite. It’s like a classic bridesmaid photo, minus the bouquets.  I almost thought about bringing wine to replace the flowers, but I drank it all myself. Whatever, I think I’m funny.

Passerelle Saint-George France

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