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Professional Headshot Photography Lyon, France

A few weeks ago, I landed a gig writing for an online photography company that aspires to help new photographers. When I was told that I “got the job,” I literally thought they had made a mistake. I seriously HATED writing in high school and college, which makes this whole writing career a really funny anomaly. I finally realized that I hated writing because I wasn’t writing or doing what I wanted to do. Isn’t it crazy that we spend YEARS going through the motions? Granted, learning the basics of reading and writing is probably a good idea if you want to function in society, I suppose. Anyway, as a part of that new writing mission, I chose the topic of headshot photography. Crap, I guess that would mean that I would actually have to TAKE some headshot photos.

I jumped on Facebook, and Anette was the first person to respond to my “Vieux Lyon Headshot” ad. She did NOT disappoint. Seriously, Aniston (my four year old) walked in while I was editing and said, “wow mom, that lady is really beautiful.” The honest truth tends to come out of a four year olds, so I know she was really impressed.

Not only was Anette really genuine and fun, she’s an accomplished business owner and mother of three grown boys! I feel SO lucky to meet the coolest people in Lyon! My only hope is that I can pay them back with my photos.
Headshot Photography
Headshot Photography Lyon
Headshot Photography Lyon, France

I think these are my absolutely favorite shots of the day.  The old doors, colors and textures in Vieux Lyon are always the perfect backdrop for photos. I think I can get over not having a beach right next door.  The tough part about headshot photography is capturing authentic smiles while staying professional and classic. I think we nailed it!

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