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Service, Gratitude and Love.

Aniston here…

The whole reason mom started taking pictures was because I was born. Before that, she HATED taking pictures. Why? It just never seemed to do the scenery justice. She said she distinctly remembers driving down the coast of Croatia with apu (the day after my conception…but I’ll leave that to another personal post day) and holding her phone up to the window to grab a picture of the blue water and incredible stillness of the whole thing. Her next thought was, “hey dude, put the camera down or you’re going to miss the TRUE beauty in this moment.”  She’s not sure who was talking…maybe me (since I technically existed in some form that day) or maybe some dude in the sky…but it was VERY real.

I changed her somehow.  She LITERALLY had so many pictures on her last phone that it stopped working.  I don’t think it rare, considering that I see a TON of moms at the park interrupting our conversations to take their annoying pictures.  They laugh, snap pictures, tell us to do stuff, show each other, laugh again, and take 600 more.

The thing is though, mom is IN maybe four pictures.  Like, four pictures in four years.

And that, my friends, is her “why.”  She wants to give other moms those memories.  She wants those moms to see the pictures she took 20 years from now, and have them pause in a moment of gratitude that they were lucky enough to experience such pure and unconditional love. She wants those moms to say, “oh man, I’m SO glad we had those moments together, captured in a photograph.”

So I guess she’s trying to teach us all to be grateful for the little moments, because cumulatively, those moments of gratitude, tend to get us over all the hard stuff.   She also started a gratitude list. Three things she’s grateful for EVERY DAY. She learned that when you are looking for things to be grateful for, they start appearing EVERYWHERE.  So that’s it folks, she’s figured the secrets to this life.  Service, gratitude and love.  Mic drop.


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