The Experience/Tips

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” 

― Lewis Carroll


Location is a big factor when it comes to your photos. I am just starting my creative experience in Lyon, but have shot many locations in Budapest and San Diego. I am ALWAYS open to new places. Start thinking of your vision for your session. Are you picturing light beach photos or cool urban backdrops and black and white, or do you like cozy pictures at home? I can offer up plenty of suggestions for exact locations, just think about what type of spot you’re interested in and we’ll find the perfect place.


Your outfit(s) is another important aspect to your photo session. If you are booking a session with kids, outfit changes can be difficult. Consider bringing different hats, jackets, or accessories to mix up your and your child’s look without taking a ton of time.

Things to avoid:

  • Matching Outfits: If you are looking for a classic look, I can totally understand coordinating outfits. Honestly, the best family photos tend to be ones with an overall color theme (pick 3/4 colors) and everyone comes up with their own outfits based on those basic colors.
  • Patterns/logos: I wouldn’t recommend patterns for your session. Stick to classic colors and even try and coordinate them with your location. Beach: Try neutral beach tones (light/dark blue, turquoise, white, tan). Forrest: More earth tones (dark green, browns, reds, yellow, etc). Urban: Urban solids (Black, white, slate grey, red). Logos just look bad honestly, unless your goal is to promote your business!
  • Women…Short Skirts/Shorts and Heels: Ladies, I need to be able to sit you down in some shots so please, if you’re wearing a dress or skirt, make sure you can be seated comfortably in it.  We will walk around our location A LOT, so bring heels along for far-away shots but wear comfortable shoes for close-ups and walking purposes.
  • Outfits not matching the location: Heading to the beach for your session? Leave the heels at home and go barefoot instead, or throw on a big floppy hat! Really consider your location when selecting your outfit. Going for a forrest location? Think a cute sweater and jeans, boots, and a pop of color in the form of a necklace or scarf. Don’t be afraid to ask me for my opinion, although I’m no fashionista.


GENUINE, GENUINE, GENUINE. Posing is great, and of course we’ll do a few of those shots too, but I’m more interested in capturing the interaction between you and the people you love. Laughing, smiling, tickling your kids, running from the waves, a hug, a kiss…connections! No fake stuff…you can tell.

*****I LITERALLY can not stress this enough! The more you relax and are YOURSELF, the better the pictures will be, and the MORE pictures you will get!!****