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The Story of US: The List.

So funny (and 100% true story)…

A few years ago (circa 2011), I was in the middle of some relationship strife (which one has when they are dating multiple people at once…don’t judge me)! A friend of mine said I needed to write down 100 things I wanted (absolutely nothing physical) in someone, the top 10 being non-negotiable. I thought she was nuts…but I did it. It took me about two weeks of adding and removing, but I finally drafted “the list.” Then came the FUN! I ranked (read: totally judged) a few potential mates and got a range between 75-85…actually one scored like 50 (but we won’t name names…although I’m not sure he can actually read). Anyway, not too bad, I thought! It was actually pretty cool to give them a score with ACTUAL numbers, like in school!

A week or so passed and then I thought, “hey, let’s rank Peter, that will be fun.” I didn’t really think of him because at the time we were in our perpetual “friend zone.”

You guys, he scored 100/100. I was speechless and semi annoyed.

So yea, the universe knows somehow. And I’m SO thankful I finally got out of my own way…like a million years later…but the timing was actually perfect.

Some of these made me laugh out loud!

I know, the anticipation is killing you…


1. Personally responsible.
2. Emotionally healthy…doesn’t enjoy conflict.
3. As smart as me, or smarter.
4. Open to all things bizarre.
5. Is patient.
6. Is a hard worker.
7. Likes to talk about anything/everything.
8. Wants to continually better himself.
9. Makes me laugh (like pee in my pants, laugh).
10. Is witty/sarcastic.
11. Likes to banter.
12. Likes his personal time alone.
13. Will at least listen to country music.
14. Fits in with my friends (Peter does this a little TOO well).
15. Can fix basic stuff (this one is questionable).
16. Is analytical.
17. Has a decent relationship with his parents.
18. Cares about health (but nothing over the top).
19. Doesn’t get angry to the point of acting out.
20. Social drinker only.
21. Non-smoker/No drugs!!
22. Gives me space when I need it.
23. Respects my boundaries.
24. Like air shows, but doesn’t necessarily go to them (blast from the past).
25. Appreciates different cultures.
26. Can have a conversation with anyone .
27. Likes to read.
28. Would consider doing the forum (a spiritual workshop I did back in 2011).
29. Employed (I like how this isn’t in the top 10).
30. Has traveled at least minimally.
31. Gets along with other men and isn’t intimidated by my male friends (Peter is oddly friends with ALL of my ex-boyfriends).
32. Is ok being separated for weeks at a time (HA! JOKES ON ME)!
33. Wants kids.
34. Would clearly be a good father.
35. Always wants to promote at work.
36. Has a hobby.
37. Is honest about his feelings.
38. Is ethical in all areas of his life.
39. Values integrity in others.
40. Is open about his past relationships.
41. Can cook…because I can’t.
42. Introduces me to his friends.
43. Can separate work from home (also, questionable).
44. Is nice to strangers.
45. Social.
46. Loves my grandma as much as I do!
47. Has shot a gun at least once (yikes, I now HATE GUNS).
48. Is somewhat organized.
49. Is financially responsible.
50. Likes to go on weekend trips.
51. Likes animals.
52. Overall responsible.
53. Has dated enough to know what he wants.
54. Is comfortable with himself.
55. Is on time 75% of the time, or calls when he’s going to be late.
56. Is open about everything, and isn’t attached.
57. Optimistic.
58. Likes to go out dancing a few times a year. (Well THAT doesn’t happen anymore…thank you, Popcorn and Pompom.)
59. Would like to travel with kids.
60. Has decent grammar skillz (ha ha ha).
61. Is simple.
62. Is ok not hearing back from me via text. (No crazy stalkers, please.)
63. Knows when to walk away from a fight (with me).
64. Considerate.
65. Sleeps quietly (SNORING IS A DEAL BREAKER).
66. Sleeps on his side!!
67. Adventurous.
68. Spontaneous.
69. Overall happy about life.
70. Sees life as an adventure that’s fun.
71. Likes hiking (which is funny because I don’t…hahaha).
72. Isn’t nit picky.
73. Is supportive.
74. Is willing to discuss issues when they arise/doesn’t avoid conflict because it’s safe.
75. Has NO baggage (current breakup, pending divorce).
76. Is a man of his word.
77. Wants to make a difference in the world.
78. Willing to fight for what he believes.
79. Likes to BBQ.
80. Doesn’t push me to socialize.
81. Let’s me be myself no matter what.
82. I can take him out in public or work/school functions.
83. Attentive, but not overly to the point of being annoying.
84. Is comfortable around kids.
85. Has the ability to put me in my place when needed.
86. Charismatic.
87. Takes initiative.
88. Has experienced life.
89. Won’t shelter me from pain, but helps me through it.
90. Logical when needed.
91. Includes me in all areas of his life bad/good.
92. Entertaining.
93. Is a risk taker, isn’t afraid of the unknown.
94. Allows me to pursue my dreams without criticizing them.
95. Unconventional (follows the road less traveled).
96. Dependable.
97. Can make decisions.
98. Can take constructive criticism without getting angry.
99. Follows his intuition.
100. Can carry heavy stuff.

So the moral of the story is, Peter can’t die because there is NO WAY there is anyone else on the planet who would fit ALL of these ridiculous criteria.

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2017-11-23_0009.jpg101. Loves to help strangers…

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So…on this Thanksgiving in France…when I ordered sushi…I’m really thankful for my dorky list and what it has led to…

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