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The Story of Us: My Thorns

So this one is a little harder to explain. A thorn?

I think a lot of our lives are lived in this world trying to protect our hurts.  Does that make ANY sense?

Ok, so let me rewind a little and start with an explanation of what I’m referring to.  You’re going to have to bear with me…

You know that “reactionary” part of you? The part of you that learns to protect your soul from hurt, rejection, or any fear you may have? Maybe you don’t consciously see it now…but it’s there.  I read a book once, actually THE book that changed my life, called The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer.  He refers to this as virtual thorn that we walk around with in our side. We spend our lives trying to keep that thorn from being touched because it just hurts too darn much.

Actually, I’ll let him explain it…(also, Oprah is the best).

Well, Peter was the annoying guy trying to rip out ALL of my thorns WAY before I was ready.  He was chasing me around San Diego with a rusty pair of pliers, and boy, did that irritate the heck out of me (but for some reason my soul knew I needed him around).  I couldn’t pull my typically BS with him, he’d call me out, ask me tough questions, and wanted to see the REAL me. That real me was there, but I was SO desperate to cover it up with mulch! And where did that lead me?? To countless empty relationships, the pursuit of a career I didn’t even like (that cost me THOUSANDS in student loans), and all things FAKE and SUPERFICIAL.  I surrounded myself with people that avoided my thorns…and it was SO EASY.

My Thorn

(I mean, look at him, what could I have possibly NOT fallen for back in 2007? Actually, NOTHING has changed…except he we afford better beer.)

It only took about seven years, and THIS BOOK (seriously, read it), to realize those damn thorns needed to come out. I suddenly understood that this life is about removing those disturbances, BEING YOURSELF, and surrounding yourself with people who love you for it (even the really yucky parts of you). And most importantly, being around those who help you pull those thorns out…and make you want to be a better version of yourself.

As Mr. Singer puts it so truthfully, “if you truly love someone, your love sees past their humanness.”

Peter was the first person to see that part of me…and I’m SO incredibly grateful that he stuck it out until I realized it.


Look, he’s pulling a thorn out in this picture!!!! (Photo Credit: Meghan Kelly Images)



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