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I decided to get a little too personal today…you’ve been warned.

I met Peter 11 years ago. We were 22 and 25.  My then “boyfriend,” and I use that term loosely because I did NOT like labels back then, just HAD to introduce me to this Hungarian pilot.  I was judgmental, and Peter didn’t give one ounce of care to what he looked like or what he said (not much has changed as you can see below).  He did a somersault on the dance floor the night we met, if that tells you anything. It took eight years of friendship to get out of my own way, but I did. We just passed four years of marriage…and considering I didn’t plan to get married or have kids, it’s pretty cool. He’s put up with a LOT.

Last night we were talking about how our relationship developed and we laughed as we remember some nights over those last 11 years.

  1. I refused to install Skype on my phone, so we racked up like $50,000 in cell phones bills over those eight years.  Yikes.
  2. He was at the hospital when my niece was born, nine years ago. I guess it was “bring your friend to the hospital,” day. HE was the designated photographer, and let’s just say, he took his job very seriously…like most things in his life.
  3. We’ve road-tripped through Eastern Europe a few times.
  4. He plays harmonica…and it drives me nuts.
  5. He planned our ENTIRE Hungarian wedding, and I literally showed up 12 hours before walking down the isle to “Life is a Highway.” Needless to say, the Hungarians didn’t get it, but it was PERFECT. And then we ate at a steak house. Best wedding ever.

More Fun Facts:

  1. I knew him back when he was a Cessna 172 pilot, and now he flies super cool jets all over the world.  (See picture below with badass leather jacket. Apparently he knew he was destined for coolness.)
  2. He loves my grandma as much as I do, and personally sends a care package every time he is in the US for work.
  3. He’s friends with a few of my ex boyfriends, who are totally obsessed with him.
  4. He’s changed some diapers under some pretty harsh conditions. See here.
  5. He makes EVERYONE laugh, and then they shake their heads in disbelief , as shown here.

Sometimes I get really overwhelmed because I have NO CLUE how I ended up with someone so awesome.  He’s friends with EVERYONE, and can always talk himself out of a sticky situation (example: two speeding tickets in Montenegro/Serbia).  He’s smart, makes me pee in my pants laughing like once a day, and is the best dad to Popcorn and Pompom.  He cooks, goes grocery shopping, and will get up in the middle of the night when someone is crying.  He’s seriously the best pilot in the world, a natural teacher, not to mention the ultimate giver of insightful advice (whether or not you want it). He’d be the perfect mother-in-law.  He supports my photography and has more faith in me than I do. He says he’s waiting until I hit it big with National Geographic, so he can retire and buy an airplane. Most of all, he’s just fun…and I feel pretty darn privileged to spend this lifetime giving him crap and seeing where we end up.

Anyway, he’s pretty cool…and I think everyone should know…




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