What to Wear

What TO Wear to your upcoming photography session…

    • Something you feel comfortable in yet something that makes you feel great. BE YOURSELF!!!!
    • Neutral colors! Greys, tans, browns, creams, white. These colors look great with any backdrop.
    • Pops of one accent color in pale, soft colors like aqua, coral, light pink, mint.
    • If you desire, one neutral color print that adds visual interest.
    • Timeless jewelry.

See this family below? They NAILED their outfits to the colors of the beach. Natural tones, blue, creams, sand…

What NOT to Wear to your photo session…

  • Overly saturated and bright/neon colors. Why? When enhancing some images, bright colors tend to blow out.
  • Avoid bright reds, bright pinks, bright oranges and deep purple and green. They distract from faces.
  • Black and white combos, unless you want to look like a penguin or server.
  • Matching family outfits. Try choosing 3-4 different colors and have everyone mix it up, or choose certain neutral tones and have everyone make their own unique selections.
  • Clashing patterns or patterns that do not coordinate. Double plaid shirts. Stripes and plaid.
  • Avoid wearing anything with a visible logo or distracting pictures/prints.